Monday, 29 August 2011

Au revoir, Montréal

Mont-Royal Park

We've just come back from Montréal, where we had a great time.
We inevitably fell in love with this vibrant, lively, cosmopolitan city.

We never left the town during the time of our stay, save for a week end trip to Magog, on the Memphremagog lake. We spent one night there, in a romantic B&B, 'A l'Ancestrale' (highly recommended!) where we had a wonderful rest and were offered an energetic and healthy breakfast!

You don't need to do great things or visit magnificent places to have happy holiday memories.
Travelling is also about making new friendships. Meeting new people and seeing things for different perspectives. Sharing. 

So I guess it's about time to tell how grateful we are towards the special people we met in Quebec.

Thanks to Barbara for being so welcoming and friendly.
Thanks to Violette for her enthusiastic encouragement (from the very very beginning!).
Thanks to Monique for her special attentions and for the cutest Teddy Bear my daughter has ever cuddled in her sleep.
Thanks to Cinzia for her happy smile (and the almond biscuit as well!)

Without you guys this yourney wouldn't have been so special.

Au revoir Montréal. We'll be back soon!


Barbara C. Bedont said...

If we did anything to make you want to come back, then I am truly happy. On vous atend!

Roberta said...

It is absolutely so!Thanks for your nice words!

Anonymous said...


I would encourage you even more if I could! LOL!

Sorry to be so slow in responding... new job... Labour Day weekend... nonstop fun! Or maybe not.

Montreal is always here for you. I sincerely hope you guys find a way to make it happen. And if you do, we'll help out as much as we can. :)


Roberta said...

Thank you so much V.!Merci!

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