Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday brunch yeast rolls

It's not unusual for me to be kneading some yeast bread in the kitchen. Since Maddalena takes some pleasure in joining in, this cooking activity has become one of our favourite rites on Sunday mornings.

Since we wake up pretty early – yes, even on Sunday mornings! – we've got plenty of time to enjoy every little step of the process, which starts around eight o'clock a.m. - soon after my first cup of coffee - and ends around midday, as this bread dough requires a long and slow rise.

The little patience you need during the preparation only enhances the pleasure of having freshly baked fluffy rolls ready for your sunday brunch. It's an effort worth making, I promise.

Being Italians our brunch includes mainly sweet baked goods, like 'crostate' and 'frollini', but we also like to eat some savory dish too, like this one, for example, or a healthy pinzimonio (fresh, raw vegtables chopped into bite-size pieces and served with citronette or other dressings).

Whenever I am looking for some inspiration though, I browse the net, collecting new ideas I like to share on Pinterest.

And what about you, what are your brunch menus like? 

Would you like to give me more brunch ideas? 
I would be happy to pin them on my Pinterest board.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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