Saturday, 21 May 2011

Red pepper, tomatoes & tofu farro salad

"This was a lazy weekend. One of those 'eat and sleep' weekend.
No plans or previous arrangements. Just some rest after a busy and restless week."

This was the original incipit of the post I was working on 5 days ago. Then I stopped, because these were the only lines I was able to write at the time. Except for the shopping list.
    Feeling not particularly creative, I just shot some photos - not many in fact - before eating the salad.
    As I said, it was a lazy weekend.
    No wonder this salad is more of a list itself than a recipe: 
    7 lines for the ingredients,
    1 line for the method.
    (Keeping a recipe blog should always be that easy!)
    It came easily: I just opened the fridge and mentally made a list of what happened to be there:
    • a red pepper
    • cherry tomatoes
    • tofu
    • farro
    • black olives
    • capers

    Even though very simple in the making, this dish makes a tasty and colourful alternative to a three-course meal, with its combination of vegetables, grain and high-protein ingredients such as tofu.

    Ingredients (serves 2-3):

    farro: 1 cup - boiled
    red pepper: 1/2 pepper - diced
    cherry tomatoes: 1/2 cup - finely diced
    tofu: 1/2 cup - finely diced
    capers: 3 teaspoons
    black olives: 10
    extra-virgin olive oil: 3 teaspoons
    salt: 1 pinch or more, according taste

    for garnish:


    In a large bowl mix the ingredients, season with oil and salt, toss the salad and garnish with basil leaves.

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